World Cup 2022 Issues with FIFA ticketing app Fans attending England vs Iran game

Many fans were unable to quickly get into the Khalifa International Stadium on Monday ahead of England’s World Cup game vs. Iran because of issues with FIFA’s ticket app

Tickets evidently were vanishing from individuals' records some time before the game

That implied ticketholders didn't have anything for entryway specialists to examine when they arrived at the arena

I alongside around 500 others can't get in on the grounds that our tickets have evaporated from the fifa application

FIFA gave an assertion affirming the issues that fans were having attempting to get into the game

While there were a few void seats at the opening shot of the game, the arena wasn't observably vacant

The application's issues show the dangers of paperless tagging in our advanced world. While paper tickets have their dangers themselves

England vs. Iran is just the second game of the tournament after the pomp and circumstance ahead of the opening Game